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Ahmad Fairuz AZaki
Why all different player playing in a same room? Is this video genuine?
Comment from : Ahmad Fairuz AZaki

Heavenly Scratchers!
Hello new Subscriber. I hope to see you soon.
Comment from : Heavenly Scratchers!

Sammy b's Tv
Back wen the bros had the balls for a 24hr stream 😞 geezus miss you bro 💙
Comment from : Sammy b's Tv

Kioshimaaaaaaa <3
Comment from : Turuu

Asad hoque
So did you break even this year ?
Comment from : Asad hoque

Daniel Lundkvist
Comment from : Daniel Lundkvist

gabbe gabbe
I wonde why everybody sits in the same room. Hmm i wonder wonder
Comment from : gabbe gabbe

ryan french
How do these online casino pay out these INSANE AMOUNTS for such small bets. You would literally never see 900x on a 5 dollar bet in las vegas (or at least insanely seldom)

19:22 dude got 2000x payout for ONE line hit is what I'm trying to get at. You wont see that in person in a casino. Ever.

Comment from : ryan french

4 eggs
Comment from : Gimmick1231

Lone Wolf
next :
CasinoDaddy BIGGEST LOSE 2018

Comment from : Lone Wolf

videos xlx
Have you videos where you play roullete, make one video where yoz roullete play
Comment from : videos xlx

nice wins. hopefully it hasnt enticed young people to start playing these games which will absolutely ruin the lives of many of them
Comment from : FreshChalk

livio aglioti
you are fantastic any day wacht you by genoa1979 :)
Comment from : livio aglioti

Jose Tey
Ja ja ja ja
Comment from : Jose Tey

Smooth Criminal
nice to see k1o in here
Comment from : Smooth Criminal

Nathan Johnson
Realistically how much are these guys pumping into these sites before hitting these big wins?
Comment from : Nathan Johnson

Toke Hansen
is that kio at 20.30 ?
Comment from : Toke Hansen

Just wow, great hits!
Comment from : CasinoNews

Would just listen to his voice all day 😆 Slots are great too of course!
Comment from : MissDirtySlot

👍👍👍 Tell you what boys, that was a dope video 👍👍👍 There was some nipple tickling beauties nestled in there to treat the cerebellum 👍👍👍 GL all the best to you 👍👍👍
Comment from : I EXIST

t box
Brilliant video, huge congrats on all the awesome wins. Much derserved for all the hard work and entertainment you provide. Thanks casinodaddy bois.
Comment from : t box

Gaming Master 213
Antes the man 💪 CEO of the profit department 💰
Comment from : Gaming Master 213

Shaw Slots
haha love these hits! You all such legends :)
Comment from : Shaw Slots

InderTat Gaming
23:28 thanks
Comment from : InderTat Gaming

Sim Laf
33:05 0.25x speed its hilarious
Comment from : Sim Laf

Comment from : Rolly

good shit and congratz to the money you have won
Comment from : ItsFleXxi

2018 ain’t over 😡 but ayy!
Comment from : valtsuu

Just shows the potenziale of knights life.. had a 3000x on my own aswell. Just a sick game!!
Comment from : cremo33

Blacc Karat
Nice wins guys, good edit
Comment from : Blacc Karat

How about doing 1 of these compimations for Every quarter of year, then at end of year best wins of year. Nice video tho!
Comment from : Jounazi

Philipp Winkler
Best videos. Love that compilations !
Comment from : Philipp Winkler

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