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Melba Wells
Comment from : Melba Wells

Jeni Hansen
Comment from : Jeni Hansen

Do you switch machines in between sessions? Or do you insert a fresh voucher and carry on?
Comment from : ChrisVM

James Keen
What hotels in vegas is this machine at
Comment from : James Keen

oculos prudentium
Beautiful hit with that 18000 gold hat.
First time Ive seen it too.

Comment from : oculos prudentium

Jason Lavelle
You have amazing self control, it's sometimes hard not to chase the big win and end up with a huge loss, great video once again
Comment from : Jason Lavelle

James Oneavatar
Awesome hit! Congratulations! That's the best I've seen on that game
Comment from : James Oneavatar

Emily Johanson
loving the new intro and daily uploads mate!! Come out to Australia soon mark and Gretch!❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Emily Johanson

Ashwin Bellaram
Love the sound then the hats lock in on the feature ... nice win 👌
Comment from : Ashwin Bellaram

KloveSlots Short
Comment from : KloveSlots Short

Rene Louisiana Red
I have tried and tried to get a bonus on this machine. I give up lol.....
Comment from : Rene Louisiana Red

Travis Hinton
New subscriber!!! I really enjoy your content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Travis Hinton

Akil ben
Just Amazing session !
Comment from : Akil ben

Another great win and great video. What did we learn today kids? Always...always do a couple of back up spins. Great bonus!
Comment from : BlueEyedSoul24

I hate to hear him say “horrible “ Because it means bad but I absolutely love to hear him say “horrible “ it’s tickles me so much... love you guys watch you guys everyday
Comment from : Keeshteesh

jason martinez
That was great win 1800
Comment from : jason martinez

Mindy Salsberg
Well that was awesome. Congrats friend.
Comment from : Mindy Salsberg

Glen Cameron
Thank you!
Comment from : Glen Cameron

Lady Luck HQ
That last gold hat was Insane!! Congrats ❤️
Comment from : Lady Luck HQ

thuy ngo
Truly EPIC....just seeing this now..... WOW....AWESOME SESSSION....that was a big winning session Mr. Mark!
Comment from : thuy ngo

Austin M
i liked this video
Comment from : Austin M

michael tipton
Great finish.
Comment from : michael tipton

Awesome MG! You guys found a pot of gold in that hat! Loved the back to back bonuses! Thumbs up to you guys!
Comment from : FNS SLOTS

Kyle R
Wow. Session 2 was so epic. Back up spins are a force to reckon with. Thanks for sharing this sweet video MG
Comment from : Kyle R

Bruce Anderson
Congratulations again nice win awesome
Comment from : Bruce Anderson

Mikey The Fish
I always get excited when it’s “Bonus or Bust”! 👍Glad it was an awesome Bonus!!! 👏👏
Comment from : Mikey The Fish

SunFlower Slots
Great bonuses wins on Lock It Link - Hold Onto Your Hat. Congrats on Jackpot Handpay :-)
Comment from : SunFlower Slots

Patti Smith
I was holding my breath through the last session. Wow, those 18 dollar bets ! What a win , congrats 💰🥳❤️
Comment from : Patti Smith

Robert Z D
That was crazy $1800 for that one gold hat well done that was awesome to see what a back up spin.
Comment from : Robert Z D

Helen Rosario
Comment from : Helen Rosario

Awoopa_ Paul
Back up spin successful 👍
Congratulations 😊

Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

Slot Machine Wins By CHICO
Wow..amazing 100x hat...epic!
Comment from : Slot Machine Wins By CHICO

Peter Piper
That was a fantastic couple of sessions. What a cracking back up session,it was well worth boiling the saucepan dry and my boiled eggs turning out like bullets......Great,great video.So pleased for you guys....Thanks for posting...
Comment from : Peter Piper

cherry bears united
Take that all day long.
Comment from : cherry bears united

Rusty Legs
That was a ripper at the end👍
Comment from : Rusty Legs

Tony Mason
Nice win mate..
Keep winning MG
I'm coming over in February
I see where you are have a beer mate..

Comment from : Tony Mason

Marion Hays
Wow that was fantastic congratulations on the big win taking my hat 🎩 of to you Mark:)) nice gambling session enjoyed your play thank you ☺️! Wishing you and your family a wonderful blessed weekend and best of luck on your next adventure, bye for now😉,,,,,,
Comment from : Marion Hays

Ian Flannery
Great stuff,congratulations
Comment from : Ian Flannery

Rico g
Those hats were tight but still gave a nice bonus.👍
Comment from : Rico g

I thought I got clickbaited with 2 mins left😂sweet win
Comment from : OneTruNuwind

Love it! 🥂
Comment from : WorkBitch24

Shhh Slots
So if you bonus on a back up do you back up the back up? That was an awesome session! Congratulations! Much love and luck from AZ
Comment from : Shhh Slots

Charlotte Nasise
Great wins MG love watch you win love MGSlots21.
Comment from : Charlotte Nasise

Danny Hague
Hold on to your hat in deed.. Now that was fun to watch... Thank’s Mark & Gretchen...
Comment from : Danny Hague

yolanda leyva
GREAT session!!!

Comment from : yolanda leyva

sabu king
Bro you rocked it man what a come back. Congrats mg
Comment from : sabu king

Pete Morin
Super sweet back to back hits nice
Comment from : Pete Morin

Cari Lynn
WOW! That last one shocked me! Great sessions, guys!
Comment from : Cari Lynn

John M
Wow that was sure a nice surprise at the end of session 2!!
Wish I could have joined you guys live, but on weekdays I'm unable to view before 6:30 pm Pacific time. Good luck always to you both! Don't forget to try Jinse Dao some day. Hoping Mohegan gets it soon.🌹👍✔️💞🍀🍀🍀🍀

Comment from : John M

Nancy Schumacher
Amazing handpay! Congrats! Tyvm for sharing! Awesome sessions! I hope one day they put some of those machines at our local! Hoping you and Gretchen are having a beautiful night and a fabulous beautiful weekend!❤️🌸🌅
Comment from : Nancy Schumacher

Fortunate Lady Slots
What an amazing hit on HATS! Sorry I missed the premiere 😢!!! Still glad it was great to watch that 1,800 reveal ❤️👍🏻. Good job as always. Xoxo fls
Comment from : Fortunate Lady Slots

Abso lutely
Nice ending
Comment from : Abso lutely

Matthew Butler
Nice hit!!!
Comment from : Matthew Butler

Wes Moody
Sweet come back that Was AWESOME
Comment from : Wes Moody

WOW! The magic back-up spin, with a back-to-back bonus, on a lower bet, comes through with the big hand pay win!! What an amazing combination of luck!!
Comment from : Randyslots

Lori Sprenger
I’m so glad you did the back up. That was awesome guys. Love when people win.
Comment from : Lori Sprenger

Grace Abate
Amazing bonus !!! Can’t believe you did better on the lower bet you deserve it 💰💰💰💰💰💰🎰🎰🎰
Comment from : Grace Abate

# 1
It's gooooolllllddddd!!!!! Thank god for the gggooolllddddddd!!! Great hit! 👍
Comment from : # 1

Sue Pham
You make it look so easy...I wish it was for me ha. Great sessions! Congrats!
Comment from : Sue Pham

You should really caption “nothing wrong with that” for your merchandise
Comment from : SUBMIISSIV

Rangi Banks
Backups are definitely working for you.🙂
Comment from : Rangi Banks

Armando Chacon
Your videos are very addicting.
Comment from : Armando Chacon

thomas washington
Comment from : thomas washington

Jason USMC
Cha Ching! That last hit was amazing. Back up spins for the win 😁
Comment from : Jason USMC

Ian Trevelyan
Good job again guys! I enjoy your videos and I love to see you win!
Comment from : Ian Trevelyan

Bonuztime Slots
Wow that really impressive win on session 2 there MG, why the trolls hate it, should be all thumb up for me, those 7 thumbs down 👎 are jealousy 👍✅🎩🎩🎩
Comment from : Bonuztime Slots

Maryann Kelley
That was awesome MG! 👍🍀😄
Comment from : Maryann Kelley

Nice wins, TYFS!!!
Comment from : AngelaTwinSlots

Gina Nava
Increible congrats good job
Comment from : Gina Nava

Sylvia Trevino
Totally Awesome! That handpay!! U did it!!🙌🙌👍👍yay!
Comment from : Sylvia Trevino

Jacob Mabbott
Brilliant just brilliant and 100x
Comment from : Jacob Mabbott

Ray thornton
I’m pumped up. Let’s get it on. 😂👍 PTSD Veteran.
Comment from : Ray thornton

Zheng LIU
good luck and win more👍
Comment from : Zheng LIU

Chikita boy rod
Best frens ever can't wait for this!, 💖💖
Comment from : Chikita boy rod

Aj Khalil
Good luck big boss
Comment from : Aj Khalil

sabu king
Bro you know I love this game. Can't wait to watch it
Comment from : sabu king

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