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John Besler
John belser 241314Avenorth Birmingham Alabama 35234 Apt C
Comment from : John Besler

Gabriel Zapata
Omgoodness, I play that machine at AZ Casino , we should hook up one night! AZ!
Comment from : Gabriel Zapata

It's a Slot Machine
Congrats on the retriggers and haven’t seen this game before 🎰🍊🍒
Comment from : It's a Slot Machine

I feel like doing a mexican hat dance to this slot music
Comment from : MissAmazanda

Jim Vetromila
Well see your at Casino Arizona. I wish they would fire whoever is the casino manager. They tinker with there slots constantly trying to squeeze every last penny out of the poor souls who go there. They would be wise to loosen there slots and get a reputation as a generous casino. More people would come there. Something like the Wal-Mart principal. Of course short term profits would suffer for a while which is TOTALLY unacceptable to the manager.
Comment from : Jim Vetromila

Sisi Lay
Comment from : Sisi Lay

Jenn Williams
Hey Casino girl you might want to take a trip to Talking Stick. This slot machine has been paying like crazy. I hit again last night for $1400 only put in $20 got free spins with a retrigger. The lady next to me on the machine I hit for $1700 last week was playing $10¢ got 45 free games and won 6 grand. Better visit before they go back to not paying out Lol
Comment from : Jenn Williams

Jenn Williams
Had stopped playing this slot machine at Talking Stick because it just sucked your money up. Went yesterday and played it and won 1,777 Got the free games on my first spin and it re triggered twice given me a total of 45 games and I was playing 5¢ @ 2 lines..
Comment from : Jenn Williams

Paul McKeever
Is a $300 win a hand pay in AZ?
Comment from : Paul McKeever

is this 2.50 a hand?
Comment from : amirsoze

Raffy Agravante
what casino have the loosest slots in Phoenix AZGirl?
Comment from : Raffy Agravante

Jonathon Gillis
Why is it a handpay with a $300 win? Weird.
Comment from : Jonathon Gillis

Traci Money - Honey
good wins !
Comment from : Traci Money - Honey

Arizona Slot Wins
300 dollar hand pays is exactly why I stopped going to Casino Arizona. Nice hits on those bonuses either way. Good Luck AZCasinoGirl!
Comment from : Arizona Slot Wins

Kolekta na....uwian na eh ha ha ha ha ha
Comment from : binondoboy1

u in az were u be playin at
Comment from : Ro

Avalon Park
This is my favorite love it
Comment from : Avalon Park

David Hinojosa
That win is bananas! I love bananas :O
Comment from : David Hinojosa

Beautiful, I love seeing those 7's line up, very nice.
Comment from : Regalroo

jonathan fishbein
Why are ur hand pays so low ? At least in Minnesota we get 1000
Comment from : jonathan fishbein

Congrats!!! love those Bonuses
Comment from : AJ

Nice End Total!!!! Congrats! Do you play at Talking Stick too or just McKellips??
Comment from : KenoBabe777

Dr_Wingbat's Slot Hits
way to go!
Comment from : Dr_Wingbat's Slot Hits

Robert Greenhouse
$301 hand pay?
Comment from : Robert Greenhouse

Nice wins, what's with the crazy low amounts to need hand pays? State regulations?
Comment from : OneStudPuppy

Avalon Park
this is my favorite game, good win
Comment from : Avalon Park

Nice win !!
Comment from : KURI Slot

Awesome wins AZ!!!! Congrats that was a fantastic run and nickels are so exciting 😃
Comment from : Imarriedvictornewman

Matt D
Loving your slot channel! New fave :) and you seem like you're a hoot and a half lol :)
Comment from : Matt D

Slot Traveler
Talk about re-triggers!! That's an awesome session on this one! And to think you landed those beautiful 7's and that other multiplier wasn't there, but still great win on the last set of games!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

Scotty Too Slotty
Sweet bonuses! :)
Comment from : Scotty Too Slotty

Slot Machine Queen
Nice wins!!
Comment from : Slot Machine Queen

Tony Goose
hows 301.00 a handpay
Comment from : Tony Goose

Windy City Frenzy
That's is awesome two hot bonuses!! 😎🍀🍀
Comment from : Windy City Frenzy

Erica's Slot World
That was great! Congrats! Do you have to pay taxes on that handpay? I thought it had to be over $1200 for it to be a taxable/handpay? Interesting...
Comment from : Erica's Slot World

John Kelty
I enjoy your videos!  I have stopped playing at Casino AZ due to the low handpays, and recently ran in to some very bad luck there. .  Lately have been playing Gila River--WHP, and Lone Butte--which is my new favorite.  Have had some really good wins.  I need to start doing videos of my play...seems like fun.  Keep up the winning!
Comment from : John Kelty

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