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Liz Castaneda
I kept hearing STD guy cussing you out all the time so I went to your channel and started watching it and I think it's just so adorable that you take your parents with you and you're so close to your parents good for you I lost my parents a long time ago so it does my heart good to see how much you love them so I am now subscriber
Comment from : Liz Castaneda

Hibiscus Angel
Where r u Brent
Comment from : Hibiscus Angel

Jay The Retro Gamer
Brent just watched the Netflix show your on. Don't worry about the haters that shit is ur past and doesn't change who u are. Love the content keep it coming. May blessings be with you bro!
Comment from : Jay The Retro Gamer

Awoopa_ Paul
I hope that you and you're father and mother did have a good 4th of July 🔥
Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

The Count Hearth Vader
Why so long on the posts? Anyhow posted on how to fix the camera and WiFi settings onSDGuys channel. Check it out from 7 3 18 live stream.
Comment from : The Count Hearth Vader

Brandon Kock
Where in Ohio are you from? Indianapolis, IN here.
Comment from : Brandon Kock

Windy City Frenzy
You love this slot seen you play many times congratulations! Was fun to watch. 😎👍🏽🎸💰
Comment from : Windy City Frenzy

Carrie Russell
Great job Brent! Just saw you on The Staircase on Netflix. I was like um I know that name and that voice when they played your voicemail...and kind of looked like you in the photo. Then saw you on the witness stand! :)
Comment from : Carrie Russell

Sarah Schabla
Very nice!
Comment from : Sarah Schabla

Jason Kloepping
Great job in staircase lol why did we never know this about you
Comment from : Jason Kloepping

Omg....I just watched the netflix original The Staircase and you're in there!!!!
Comment from : damianraver

These games have crazy potential, I like all of them except for Dean Martin. "how lucky can one man be" my ass!

Very beautiful wins and WTG BRENTS MOM!
Comment from : SPOOKY SLOTS

Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos
You and your Mom did great. :)
Comment from : Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos

My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos
Wow! That Game Can Pay! Interesting how 3 Bonus Symbols = 5 Free Games but 4 Bonus Symbols = 12 Free Games. Can you get 6 Bonus Symbols and if so how many Free Games would that be???
Comment from : My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos

Super BIG WIN $$
Comment from : wlwal1

Awoopa_ Paul
❤, ❤ ❤

Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

Shoe Shine
Awesome video Brent!!! My favorite from these power reels slots are Mystical Fortunes and Dean Martin. 😀👍
Comment from : Shoe Shine

Chris MacLean
There’s a new documentary on Netflix Canada called the staircase, is this the one you’re in?
Comment from : Chris MacLean

Robert Esensee
Like a boss!
Comment from : Robert Esensee

Sunshine Girl
Great video, thanks...your mom did as good on her .80 cent bet!!!  Awesome wins more good luck to you :)
Comment from : Sunshine Girl

Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl
That game is such a bitch to me. Glad to see you winning on it!
Comment from : Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl

Slot Bonus Babe
Awesome video Brent! Used to love me some WMS, but lately they haven’t been very nice to me. Nice wins! 👍😁😁😁
Comment from : Slot Bonus Babe

HalnGigi Slots
Did you steal your moms free play? You should be ashamed of yourself. Lol great video 👅
Comment from : HalnGigi Slots

Viki Corona
That’s was a good win but I agree with you Brent you should won more 💵💵💵
Comment from : Viki Corona

yolanda crittenden
Great play with Mom! Best of luck from Texas.
Comment from : yolanda crittenden

lily d
Nice. Because of you, I attempt WMS machines but never even get a bonus. 😐
Comment from : lily d

Scotty B
I've always thought it was strange that you don't get the "big win, super big win, etc" celebrations in the bonus. Nice wins B :)
Comment from : Scotty B

deborah perryman
I enjoyed the video thanks for sharing
Comment from : deborah perryman

Vic T Slots
Great Video Brent
Comment from : Vic T Slots

Kimmie Girl
That is one crazy mega big line hit... UNBELIEVABLE
Comment from : Kimmie Girl

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