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Ben Barhyte
Great hit with getting the mini, minor, major, and the Grand Chance all in one... Gotta be very rare!
Comment from : Ben Barhyte

Great job my brother I’m so happy you got that I want to San Manuel yesterday played moon race $5000 denominations $.10 $.25 50 Cent got two bonuses very small worst I’ve ever done
Comment from : Yaboyjo3

Unreal win :D Congratulations for that! 🏴‍☠️
Comment from : September

Margarita Ortiz
Hello Mark and Gretchen nice session thank for sharing. congrats😉💕💕💕💖💕💖
Comment from : Margarita Ortiz

Lorrie R
That was a pretty colorful screen! Congratulations 🤩🥂💸🎰
Comment from : Lorrie R

Honeyjay Couponer
🥰🥰🥰🥰❤ congratulations
Comment from : Honeyjay Couponer

KloveSlots Short
🤑🤑💚💚Gretchen has the sweetest voice. Love watching y’all play!!
Comment from : KloveSlots Short

peter diamantakiou
Wow Mark and Gretchen you got every colour on the screen..well except for red....lol..That was a great bonus.
I wish we had 25c and 50c and $5 denom here in oz...

Comment from : peter diamantakiou

Cassie Twitchell
WoWzA ScHnOwZa. That's a great bonus! Congrats guys. I was hoping the Super Grand Chance would've paid more, but still amazing. Love your videos hope you do a live stream soon. 💟
Comment from : Cassie Twitchell

Amber Dean
That was fantastic! Thanks for sharing another wonderful video. Good luck.
Comment from : Amber Dean

Ian Mcgeachin
Great to see Gretchen to play and nice win guys
All 4 on one bonus great to see
Keep winning and stay lucky guys 🍀

Comment from : Ian Mcgeachin

Liliana Alvarez
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

Kyle R
Epic win MG! I love the quarter denom, thanks for playing 🔥🔥🔥 take care my friend
Comment from : Kyle R

Amanda Helstrom-White
I love these games. I want to find them in Vegas.
Comment from : Amanda Helstrom-White

Lavita Mone
That was a great bonus!!
Comment from : Lavita Mone

Nurse Bee
Comment from : Nurse Bee

Nancy Sipes
Great wims
Comment from : Nancy Sipes

Pirate Sparrow Slots
HOLY PIRATE SHIPZ!!! Great video!! & I now dub thee an honorary Pirate with ye new Piratey name : BlackJack Maaarghk!!!!😂💀☠💀Continued luck & Merry Christmas time!!!🎄
Comment from : Pirate Sparrow Slots

Maryann Kelley
That was an awesome win MG. Congrats. 👍🍀😄
Comment from : Maryann Kelley

Akil ben
Fantastic winning sessions Congrats M/G
Comment from : Akil ben

Deb Fuller
Congratulations, I would have fallen off my chair 😁
Comment from : Deb Fuller

Jack Stearns
Gretchen seems to have much better luck at Ninja Moon. I would say let her keep rolling on this one!
Comment from : Jack Stearns

serena evans
I pray I win on day i never have goodluck like I see on YouTube
Comment from : serena evans

Do you guys have any All Aboard games over there? You land 6 trains it goes to the Alll Aboard feature. It's really fun. And loud lol
Comment from : Andrea

James DeStasio
Awesome sessions and wins !!! I couldn't make the premiere, fell asleep lol, was a long day Sunday in Baltimore and I just couldn't keep my eyes open lol.q
Comment from : James DeStasio

Eliseo Palestina
What and amazing win Nice keep winning bro 💴💰💴💰💴
Comment from : Eliseo Palestina

Peter Piper
Mark,you almost reached in and grabbed that 6250 orb lol........Great first bonus Gretchen......Very nice second bonus too,wowser.....Thanks for posting guys.......Have a great week....
Comment from : Peter Piper

Crystal Smith
Amazing win!!! I had to rewind it a little to watch them drop again lol. Congratulations!!!
Comment from : Crystal Smith

Gil Richardson
Comment from : Gil Richardson

Awoopa_ Paul
That was awesome 👍
Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

Best Videos
Love watching your videos. Thanks good luck 👍🍀
Comment from : Best Videos

MaxBet Cashout $
💩!! I've gotten a #triplecrownjackpot Mini, Minor, Major but I've never seen a quadruple crown jackpot wow!!!
Comment from : MaxBet Cashout $

Shadrack Stewart
Nice! The first four came through like a boss!
Comment from : Shadrack Stewart

⚡🔥⚡ Woah! ⚡🔥⚡
Comment from : WorkBitch24

Dana Monaei
All the colours of the lightning link rainbow 🌈
Congratulations Mark!

Comment from : Dana Monaei

Lin Xiaolung
what a great session , i luv when u hit that handpay especially super grand chance
Comment from : Lin Xiaolung

J Chao
Wow! Incredible!!
Comment from : J Chao

Victor Film Projection & Slots
I'm speechless after that! WOW!!!
Comment from : Victor Film Projection & Slots

yolanda leyva
Congratulations are in order!!! Yay🎉🍾🎉🍾
So happy for you and your wife. 💰💰💰💰💰

Comment from : yolanda leyva

Zheng LIU
congrats MG👍 great win
Comment from : Zheng LIU

Slots for fun —Helen
Love it but it should have given more on that super chance ball ....
Comment from : Slots for fun —Helen

Joan Lockwood
Hi all, that was excellent you both did well xx
Comment from : Joan Lockwood

Bradley Roberts
awesome. great betting.
Comment from : Bradley Roberts

Nicole Bella
Epic second session guys keep it up and keep winning ❤️
Comment from : Nicole Bella

Nancy Schumacher
Hi Mark and Gretchen, Awesome Bonus Gretchen . Amazing Handpay Mark.. Congrats. Tyvm for sharing another awesome sessions. Hoping you and Gretchen are having a beautiful night and a fabulous beautiful Tuesday.
Comment from : Nancy Schumacher

Gambit King714
Comment from : Gambit King714

Cajun Slot
Very Nice MG! Enjoyed the vid
Comment from : Cajun Slot

Scott Bryant
brilliant finish there.. well done.
Comment from : Scott Bryant

Yanett Moreno
My dream, I wish I could win even a minor jackpot one day. It make happy to see you win MG. God blessed you and your family and a very merry Christmas to you all
Comment from : Yanett Moreno

Gaby Castillo
Wow Mark great bonus 👍
Comment from : Gaby Castillo

WOW and that's why we keep playing, I go off when I get a mini & minor, never mind all the rest. That's when you don't mind a one hit wonder
Comment from : boar14

Tony Yee
Wow. Awesome. I just got back from Vegas where I finally got to try out Dollar Storm. I played multiple sessions and could not hit anything great at all. I had a few good bonuses on $10 max bet penny denom, but that was it. The free games were horrible at every denom
Comment from : Tony Yee

Wonder what the super grand chances are
Comment from : mragamer

Comment from : SHAWANA LEE

Gaby Castillo
Good bonus for you Wife👏👏
Comment from : Gaby Castillo

That’s cool to see all those progressives hit like that. You don’t see that happen on the regular Lightning’s link games...
Comment from : IVY DICKINSON

sabu king
Wow bro awesome win man congrats mg thank you bro.
Comment from : sabu king

Lori Sprenger
Nice!! That’s great to hit like that and so soon 💰
Comment from : Lori Sprenger

Marie Jung
Wow! You got the bonuses pretty quickly and so exciting to see all those words on the coins😳🤣😄👍
Comment from : Marie Jung

Charlotte Nasise
All I can say is WOW.
Comment from : Charlotte Nasise

Awesome wins, TYFS!!!
Comment from : AngelaTwinSlots

Jim Dennis
🎉🎉 now that's what I'm talking about 🎉🎉 Lovin it❤ in the famous words of the koolaid man busting through walls ~ Ohhhh Yeah!!!😂 extremely ecstatic for you's #MGSLOTS21 🎰🍀🎰🍀
Comment from : Jim Dennis

Donna McCann
amazing what more can i say supa dopper
Comment from : Donna McCann

Wow what a great win 👍👍👍
Comment from : Persia

Umbrella Corperation
Holy crap
Comment from : Umbrella Corperation

Corey Shirey
Awesome guys :)
Comment from : Corey Shirey

cory s
Awesome session MG !! 🤑🤑🤑
Comment from : cory s

Chikita boy rod
More big wins coming up!
Comment from : Chikita boy rod

Danny Hague
Good grief you two. That was Amazing!! That had to be soooooo much fun. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Comment from : Danny Hague

Mary C
Great session #1 Gretchen ! And WOW extra great session #2 MG! Gretchen must be your lucky charm(ing) wife 😁 I Love seeing Happy, Loving Couples and you two sure do seem to fit the bill!
Comment from : Mary C

lisa K
Awesome win. 👍
Comment from : lisa K

Jacob Mabbott
Great winning sessions. All 4 progressives in the one feature would have to be so rare

Comment from : Jacob Mabbott

Nicholas Mari
Awesome!! Love watching you play
Comment from : Nicholas Mari

That was good
Comment from : G

Claudemir Silva
🇧🇷🇧🇷 . Good luck .
Comment from : Claudemir Silva

Fortunate Lady Slots
#Nice ⚔️. First to see all that color on the board ! AMAZING
Comment from : Fortunate Lady Slots

Gina Nava
Exelent Mg good good job congrats
Comment from : Gina Nava

Patti Smith
That was an amazing premiere tonight. You guys are getting some awesome wins. So happy for you 🥳❤️🍀 congrats!
Comment from : Patti Smith

Seen on a channel that they received a super chance on a $2.50 bet,won $2000
Comment from : mongopipes

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