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Sandy Sultz
Catching up on videos today Scott, can't think of anything better to do, lol. 👍👍💣💣❤❤
Comment from : Sandy Sultz

Loved it live. And also on replay. The black widow intro was the 💣. Good luck always 🍀👍
Comment from : Cindy

Bonsai Yama Review
Loved the intro boom that was amazing, I also love the super lucky lotus , I look for it every time I go to a casino ! Very nice boom on it ! Great video! Boom
Comment from : Bonsai Yama Review

Mig Rojas
Comment from : Mig Rojas

Joe S
Boom boom
Comment from : Joe S

Dustin Dent
Good hit on The Lotus, also on that Black Widow in the beginning. #Boom
Comment from : Dustin Dent

Sheree P
That was a nice looking black widow machine. Boom!!
Comment from : Sheree P

Joey Vindictive
That opening BW bonus was amazing!! Great run on lotus, that machine never lets us down!!
Comment from : Joey Vindictive

Your awesome mate
Comment from : J YT

Ty for another great video ❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️ #RAJA #THEBIGJACKPOT
Comment from : Bugbugpuppy

Kolby Drees
Great Video! Really nice Widow Bonus intro :)
Comment from : Kolby Drees

Georgio Pizza
Comment from : Georgio Pizza

sandy jean
Thanks for sharing, watching while taking time out from yard work
Comment from : sandy jean

Margaret Kalaj
Raja I clicked on the grey bell and now I'm waiting for a notification to get some fun and excitement that only you can provide me with!! Loved your Lotus win!!!
Comment from : Margaret Kalaj

Justin Weilert
Love the channel Raja, but 2100 is a super jackpot? Maybe I'm just spoiled with the big boome lately. That black widow boom was great!
Comment from : Justin Weilert

John Najdek
Great video had a blast at Belterra park thanks for all the fun.
Comment from : John Najdek

Louanne P
Great video love all the 💣 Wish you can go live in Cincy 😢
Comment from : Louanne P

Lady Di Slots
Great into on Black Widow!! ❤❤❤ Great win on Lotus!! Have a Great Weekend!!
Comment from : Lady Di Slots

Uncle Rudy
Scott ! Great BOOMS as always ! Perseverance has it's rewards and you show that time after time ! Always exciting Slot Play ! #RAJA BBBB Best to the Team ! Uncle Rudy
Comment from : Uncle Rudy

Davi Cabral Machado
😂BOOM 🇧🇷BOOM🇧🇷BOOM😂👏👏👍👍👍
Comment from : Davi Cabral Machado

Poor Man
Boom boom. Never gets old with these guys. Never a dull moment and never a show without a boom.
Comment from : Poor Man

Robert Johnson
Big money raja
Comment from : Robert Johnson

MsLadyS MsLadyS
Awesome, Thank u for sharing
Comment from : MsLadyS MsLadyS

Dan the Man Slots
Another awesome video Raja on Black Widow and Super Lucky Lotus! Just one more widow..... wow!
Comment from : Dan the Man Slots

jean spaulding
Money Storm is my favorite at the Lodge
Comment from : jean spaulding

Genie 888
Black Widow never fails 💣❤️
Comment from : Genie 888

Ken Gomber
Great hit on both machines!!! Double Boom. Congrats Scott
Comment from : Ken Gomber

Jreal Slot$
Good vid. Thanks 4 sharing! Blessings!
Comment from : Jreal Slot$

SergeantSlotters SlotMachine Videos
Thanks for keeping the”Slot Community” Classy! Your efforts for Soldiers and Firemen do not go unnoticed. Peace, Love and Big Booms!
Comment from : SergeantSlotters SlotMachine Videos

Steven S
Raja always kills the lotus love it!
Comment from : Steven S

Ronnie Mackey
Comment from : Ronnie Mackey

Pipe Boeuf
Bom boom booom
Comment from : Pipe Boeuf

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