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Warren = a nervouse & sounding wreck she's enjoying the spote light for short time she wont be the nominee her hopes was she could be the chief pocohauntis..lol...
Comment from : OddBall

Emokiriemi Abednego
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Comment from : Emokiriemi Abednego

greg Brewer jr
she must be the most annoying person at the family table at holidays
Comment from : greg Brewer jr

greg Brewer jr
warren is a nut.
Comment from : greg Brewer jr

Khaos Ryders
The foundation of Christian faith does in fact call to notice the extreme value of every human. Because we are made in God’s image and loved by that very God. It is in the return of that love that we follow His word. And that word says that homosexuality among other things that we ALL have indulged in, goes against what He wants us to do.

The difference between homosexuality and all those other sins, is that that sin is being embraced as love in today’s society instead of the sin it is.

Comment from : Khaos Ryders

Khaos Ryders
So yellow black and white is being conflated with homosexuality? WTH?!?
Comment from : Khaos Ryders

Khaos Ryders
Well she side stepped that question
Comment from : Khaos Ryders

Fake News Media
If she can deliver the bern ™ like this in every debate she might just joke her way to the nomination
Comment from : Fake News Media

Hozzy Daemon
I’m not a Christian, Jew or Muslim. I value family and marriage. You don’t need superstition to be a moral human being. Christians hate men having butt sex with men, but why do so many white dudes want their woman to let them into their butts? I don’t date white dudes because this chicks behind is an exit only!
Comment from : Hozzy Daemon

Artem Golubkov
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Comment from : Artem Golubkov

Scott M
The most embarrassing display I've ever seen in politics.
Comment from : Scott M

Dylan Batchelor
Greatest response ever!!!! Love EW

Comment from : Dylan Batchelor

Warren isn’t my primary but I did Love that comeback!!!
Comment from : seattlejayde

Elect her and she will be ending careers left right and centre by roast
Comment from : TheyCalledMe47

She definitely was against gay marriage as a child, but because she was republican and because she grew up “back then.”
Comment from : Cameron

Jay Dee
Good God this woman is a nut. Her as President? 😂 This bitch is going to get steamed rolled if they nominate her. Trump would spit this dumb bitch out. Hey Elizabeth, on health care are you going to raise taxes on the middle class? Ya, she’s full of shit and won’t ever win. I don’t sweat her in the least
Comment from : Jay Dee

This Boi Loves P!nk
Cause female homophobes are obsolete.
Comment from : This Boi Loves P!nk

Dale Little
Red and yellow, black and white -- I didn't know skin color had anything to do with sexual preferences.
Comment from : Dale Little

Jeffrey J 42
she is a fukin fraud
Comment from : Jeffrey J 42

Paul Manning
I have a beard and a cock, that makes me a genuine woman, because I say so! You MUST go along with my fantasy, or else!
Comment from : Paul Manning

Paul Manning
No such thing as trans its a mental illness. Don't fall for this shit, there is no science in it and its from the communist left. Be strong and fight it!
Comment from : Paul Manning

S Mode
So the guy who asks the question is on the board of directors of the organization that co-hosted CNN'S LGBTQ Town Hall and a maxed out Warren donor..... I'd say less of a "zinger" and more of a pre-planned question and response assisted by CNN with the hopes of it going viral.

I'm so sick of phony. Why not just take real questions on the spot from real people? You can't even be a genuine person when you're dealing with people that have been marginalized? Your first thought given the opportunity to hear them isn't to listen and learn but to scheme and manipulate. What does that say about you as a person?

Does anyone really believe for one second that that would actually be her answer to someone who asked that out on the trail? No, she would kiss their arss and give them an answer that panders to them because all she cares about is getting their vote.

Phony people don't fight for real change.

Comment from : S Mode

Panther 74 Rising
Hey, I’m 100 % for same sex marriage. Heck, Gay and Lesbian couples have every right to be just as miserable as anyone else. !!

Comment from : Panther 74 Rising

joe cole
This townhall was filled with some serious mental cases.
Comment from : joe cole

Tom Lessing
This is the kind of response you can expect of someone who claims to be a Christian and has learned to sing beautiful Christian songs in her church. Fact is, she doesn't have a clue what true love is and neither does she know what the nature of a relationship is. Fancy what could happen when she is elected president of the USA. Yes, of course, Jesus loves everyone. If He hadn't, He would not have died on a cursed cross to save lost sinners from an eternity in hell. The sad truth is that despite his love for all people not all people benefit from his love. Why? The reason is because they refuse to stand in a righteous relationship with Jesus Christ. Warren should know that a relationship is based on reciprocal love. It means very little when He loves sinners (Luke 19:10) but they don't want to love Him (John 14:15). So, what does that tell us? It tells us that Warren is not only pro LGBTQ but also that she supports marriages where one of the spouses refuses to love the other whilst the other dearly loves his or her spouse. Warren is surely a strange critter. By the way I am not a Trump fan. He is even worse.

Jesus did not die for us because we are precious and worthy of his sacrifice on the cross. He died for us because we are all sinners separated from God until we beg for mercy, repent of our sins and become wholeheartedly willing to stand in a right, reciprocal loving relationship with Him.

Comment from : Tom Lessing

Joel Davis
As an independent I just don’t like the hypocrisy of the left. Her argument only works when it fits her agenda. At least when I talk to people leaning right they are open to discussions without trying to silence other ideas.
Comment from : Joel Davis

Will Kalas
I’m all for gay marriage but what a pathetic response
Comment from : Will Kalas

Crash BanditLoot
What a bunch of soulless creeps. Pathetic. DNC is fucked lol.
Comment from : Crash BanditLoot

Gay people are annoying whining people that keep pushing the envelope of social acceptance. The downfall of western civilization is being accelerated to hell.
Comment from : DEVIL COMMANDER

2:08 and she is fighting for abortion rights. WTF.

There is no way in hell I will be voting for Trump, but all the Democrat candidates are a joke in their own way except for Yang and Gabbard. Bernie is official too old and weak to handle the stress of the office.

Comment from : jflores85

Joshua Salinas
Rose Nylund?
Comment from : Joshua Salinas

You can be for gay marriage and still get elected president (like Obama did). You don't need to be a jerk about it by mocking social conservatives, its childish and it alienates social conservatives that might actually be interested in voting for you based on healthcare and economic populism.

This is why Warren is a trainwreck waiting to happen. She mainly appeals to upper working class liberals and is so tone deaf about democratic voters who believe in financial justice but are not socially conservative. If you think you will win Pensylvannia and Wisconsin with answers like that, think again. And Elisabeth, more women in the US are religious compared to men, and main opponents of gay marriage athis "woke signalling" BS will lead to people voting Trump because they will see you as nothing more than an elitist wonky snub

Comment from : sexsex

Liwanag Bautista
Read Leviticus maybe 20:13 or what did the Messiah say? Look it up!
Comment from : Liwanag Bautista

Liwanag Bautista
Jesus loves children right, how about those a day or month before birth? She is a hypocrite! STOP KILLING BABIES! Read the first 5 books and what did Jesus say? Hmmmmm
Comment from : Liwanag Bautista

Nunya Biz
If gay people wanna be miserable like the rest of us then who are we to deny them? It's not like they're getting extra tax breaks
Comment from : Nunya Biz

The Black Sheep
Now I am not on any side of politics but I will give credit to Warren for being consistent. Whether people love or hate her at least we know clearly what her views are and what her beliefs are. Unlike Clinton who conveniently changed her opinions and views when it suited her! Consistency earns respect and that’s what I like about Warren. At least she’s clear and open about her views like them or not.
Comment from : The Black Sheep

Brandon Graceffa
God she is just so badass I can so relate to her comedic responses when she speaks that’s literally exactly how I talk!😂
Comment from : Brandon Graceffa

A. B.
Say what you want of her, that was a terrific answer.
Comment from : A. B.

T Murray
Comment from : T Murray

You can't support something that doesn't exist. There is no "same sex marriage." It's all a deception from Satan and the demons. Jesus created us for far better, He has a much, much better way for our lives. But we have to want Jesus and follow Him more than we want our sins and our bondages. Jesus is ready and waiting to free us, we only have to turn to Him and repent and allow Him to work in our lives. We need to be reborn to enter the kingdom of Heaven. We need the Holy Spirit living in us. It starts by coming to the cross.
Comment from : princessmagical

The preciousness of every life huh? Except when the woman wants to abort it, then we don't really care.
Comment from : assbitchfucky

So a supporter tells her what their opinion is about a certain thing, the person who they support mocks them.

How presidential

Comment from : SC90

“Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

1 Corinthians 6:9-11

What gays do on this earth is no one’s business, but GOD ALMIGHTY will deal with them.

Comment from : mshafer1021

Now...I'm no Warren fan, but this response makes no sense to me?? This seemed like a serious, honest question from a sincere person. I found the "assuming you can find one" response so uncalled for. This may fly in the Democratic primary, but will be DOA in the general!
Comment from : fonz99ca

Not a good idea to pointlessly belittle the people you're trying to get to cross the aisle and vote for you. She insulted Christian women and men in that response, separately – totally aside from the issue of gay marriage.
Comment from : D M

“I’m gonna assume a man said that”

What is a male was asked the same question and his response is “I’m gonna assume a woman said that”

Comment from : metaltera86

David Beaty
An atheist Demoncrat who hates Christians
Comment from : David Beaty

Bryan Carpenter
The spirit of the buffalo runs strong and free in her heart
Comment from : Bryan Carpenter

Zach Terry
Your the joykill, Warren. Find a not lesbian ? Girl ? With 5 kids ? With 5 different sperm. Smooth talker she is I can see through it . Rand Paul 2020!
Comment from : Zach Terry

Aaron Withers
Elizabeth Warren is a national treasure.
Comment from : Aaron Withers

Copykon's Music
While she herself is married to a white man. Hypocrite.
Comment from : Copykon's Music

This is how ignorant Elizabeth Warren is. First, she assumes it is a man saying this. Why? There are millions of women who oppose homosexuality. It's not a "man thing." It's a nature thing. And that guy or gal, won't have any trouble finding a mate...because there are still millions of people in this country who haven't been brainwashed into believing homsexuality is normal.
Comment from : gnc623

noah ottomanelli
she's a legend
Comment from : noah ottomanelli

dragonfly fab
Warren on faith: the value of life.......the worth of every single human being. Boy could I run with that one.
Comment from : dragonfly fab

Comment from : tyeryertu

David Bury
I have seen gross intolerance shown in support of tolerance. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Comment from : David Bury

Alexander Tock
“I’m gonna assume it’s a guy who said that.” This is the moment she decided to lose the election.
Comment from : Alexander Tock

nhan khuu
This is why we are divided. Warren gets to address their concerns with jokes and dismiss all religious marriage concerns. They are worried if their religion is forced by law to do something they don't want to. Like will their church be shutdown unless they perform ceremony for same sex marriages? Also she's implying that only men have these concerns and that their beliefs will lower their chances of finding a woman. As a man im tired of women like her. Im pretty sure there are smarter women out there who is tired of the box warren put you in as well. I don't believe in any of those religions but i will defend people's rights to believe in their santa claus.
Comment from : nhan khuu

nhan khuu
Wow this is cringe worthy. She didn't answer the question. Will she make religious institutions abide with same sex marriage? They asked specifically marriage in a religious context not civil union. She's describing civil union. Just say no to marriage yes to civil union done. Tell the religious keep your freedom to worship tell your citizen get your tax benefits. Not hard.
Comment from : nhan khuu

WillJ Y
I dont get why people hate same sex marraige.... i genuinely dont get it, nobody is forcing u to marry the same sex....and gay people would just marry in church that is open mind enough to marry them anyway....so i rlly dont know where thr hate is coming from... can some conservative right wing explain?
Comment from : WillJ Y

Joel Davis
If gender doesn’t matter neither does age. Let’s ban child molestation laws.
Comment from : Joel Davis

Todd Hackbarth
God set up laws to protect human life in many ways. He feels lives are worth a lot as well. In fact he created them. It might be best to consider the laws he made.
Comment from : Todd Hackbarth

what it is so funny about this? i dont get it
Comment from : Twimc

Dominic Cobb
i love it! :D
Comment from : Dominic Cobb

BURN!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Crimsonite20

Gotta take a shot and say that’s a guy saying that. The palpable male resentment of liberals nowadays.

Gotta appreciate their tendency to not answer questions too

Comment from : OnThisSideoftheSky

Zein Antoon
It's legal now! Whether you support it or not, that's irrelevant. How about we focus on other issues?
Comment from : Zein Antoon

Eric Smith
The state should recognize gay marriage, however, the LGBT lobby has no right to force private institutions to accept gay marriages, should they choose not to.
Comment from : Eric Smith


Comment from : may

Ric Hare
Ban homosexuality. Its offensive to me.
Comment from : Ric Hare

Anthony Tomason
Gay marriage needs to be banned
Comment from : Anthony Tomason

Penny4Bernie 2020
So planned!
Comment from : Penny4Bernie 2020

Dillon Thompson
“Assuming you can find one” her quick answer shows a few things. First of all, she knew she’d be asked that question. So her and her team prepared an answer that would be considered “edgy”. Second, imagine if a republican said to a lesbian democrat in regards to marrying a woman “assuming you can find one”. It would be a MELTDOWN in the liberal media. What hypocrites.
Comment from : Dillon Thompson

Brenda Maria Fernandez
"Im gonna asume its a guy who said that" fucking hate assumptions stfu, why add more division between genders
Comment from : Brenda Maria Fernandez

Hengyu Li
I am not American, but this woman looks so fake and I could not get how this kind of candidate could lead USA.
Comment from : Hengyu Li

Shawn Guron
Grandmas got some swag! Maybe she'll buy us all some cool christmas presents lol seems like Joe Bidens long lost sister
Comment from : Shawn Guron

Warren is just a discount Bernie with some Hillary in it
Comment from : Ace

Frank 129
Sometime i just want drop out of my law college after seeing politician these days
Comment from : Frank 129

Mark Fisher
tell us how you where fired because you where a pregnant native American
Comment from : Mark Fisher

@ElizabethWarren you cant have it both ways. You either stick to it or you reject it. God's law isnt a box of chocolate for you to pick your favorites.

If you break one of the commandments and teach others to do so you will be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

- Jesus in the gospel according to Matthew.

Comment from : LightningAssault.com

SlickVick 19
I agree with same sex marriage as long as both chicks are hot
Comment from : SlickVick 19

Tammy Hengst
What an ass
Comment from : Tammy Hengst

I dont support same sex marriage I dont support hetro marriage or I should say keep the government out of marriage in general
Comment from : TheSaintsproduction

She'll assume that person is a man...why? Because men are more difficult for the Left to control than women? And what religion is he? Christian or Muslim?
Comment from : tchristian04

Lee Carver
Where can I find the full town hall?
Comment from : Lee Carver

Tom Ryan
Comment from : Tom Ryan

Quinn Reverance
As long as it's betweeen consensual adults, it ain't no big thing. Be happy. It's no one's fucking business if you like dick or pussy. It's a free country, we don't live under sharia law or anything soo go be happy!
Comment from : Quinn Reverance

Bulga Borkar-Lovejoy
Comment from : Bulga Borkar-Lovejoy

bernie sanders is better
Comment from : SaiwanTV

Comment from : Jake

Andy G
Elizabeth Warren's YouTube channel has comments turned off for all videos. How's that for transparency?
Comment from : Andy G

Zeno Donqe
She is too old to lead plus she is mentally ill.
Comment from : Zeno Donqe

The “tolerant” left everyone. No one is insulting you with their religious beliefs. I support gay marriage myself but there are large groups of people from every creed and background that don’t want to because of what their religion says. If they are expected to be tolerant of gay marriage, then the so-called liberals of a free nation should tolerate them
Comment from : Jake

Gary Lee
Medicare for all would cost 34 trillion over ten years while the projected tax revenues over that that period would project to be 46 trillion (IRS). Warren and Sanders are lying to their ignorant supporters by promising this. There is not enough money even if you put most businesses out of business confiscating all their money.
Comment from : Gary Lee

flofi sezer
imagine if the rules where reversed and question come from a woman and she answered it like that...the world will stop...the double standard is strong in this one...mgtow is the answer
Comment from : flofi sezer

Adonis Top of Men
good documentation ………
Comment from : Adonis Top of Men

One Step Away
Old fashioned? God’s word will last long after we are dead. It is a written male and female will leave their parents to join together to become one flesh. Marriage is a holy covenant between male/female to God.

Same sex marriage is a abomination. But to each his own. All will give an account for their life. God gets what he wants.

Comment from : One Step Away

Rebecca Swanson
Keep issues of state out of church. Keep issues of church out of state. Freedom of religion for all.
Comment from : Rebecca Swanson

So she is stereotyping religious, hetero men and denigrating them sexually - got it. Next she speaks on intolerance. This is like the "deplorables" comment all over again...
Comment from : GrasslandHerbivore

Big John
I don’t remember
Comment from : Big John

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