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Rosio H
Awesome Win👍.... This Slot machine is So Fun even though it's a older Slot machine...
Comment from : Rosio H

Taz Man
Absolutely love jackpot party
Comment from : Taz Man

Ouna Ma'at Ra
Party Pooper ... "That's good right" 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Ouna Ma'at Ra

edmyr vespucci
wow i played this machine last week and this is my new favorite machine :)
Comment from : edmyr vespucci

JCD 4ever
Great game. My favorite. Question, how much did you start off with?? Money wise.
Comment from : JCD 4ever

Sidney Hicks
Right all for sidney hicks and myself myself me and more thank you
Comment from : Sidney Hicks

Dude, this is hands down my favorite game! You kicked azz!
Comment from : bluetry35722

Judy Clark
Hey. My. Friend. Bless you and your family. Hope you. Win. Money. Yes. OK. Nice. Graphics. Cool. Game. 💚💚💋💋💗💗💗💋💙💙💙😂😂😂💰💰💰💰💰:-$ :-$ :-$ 💜💜💜🎵🎵🎵:-$ 💰💰💰💰💰👋👋👋💯💯💯💯👏👏👏👏💛💛💛⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚💋💋💗💗💙😂😂😂😂💰💰💰💰💰💰
Comment from : Judy Clark

Luke Tarro
I really like your videos, I have watched about 10 or 20 give or take. Thanks for your videos.
Comment from : Luke Tarro

Joey Byington
I played this when I was 21 and I got the block party and was betting 1.20 and won like 400.00 it was awesome
Comment from : Joey Byington

Richard Hernandez
I think to eliminate getting those stinking poopers, pick them on the Multiplier Bonus. You did a great job eliminating several of them on that bonus.
Comment from : Richard Hernandez

Wren G
I was hoping you would knock out all the poopers when you had that 3x card in play... I would love to see you clear the entire board!! Great pickin!!
Comment from : Wren G

Amazing hit, congrats!
Comment from : CasinoNews

SunFlower Slots
Fun game! Great win! Congrats :-) We want to try this game.
Comment from : SunFlower Slots

GA Gaming Fun
Super Jackpot come through with a super win! Nice! 😁👍
Comment from : GA Gaming Fun

Bonsai Yama Review
I love it ! Every single time you say this is no good you get a huge win lol. Great video!!!!
Comment from : Bonsai Yama Review

Comment from : BoomWin

No Partay Poopers Here ! Nice win Thanks 4 sharing :)
Comment from : Loozzerinc

Marie Fermano
One of my favorites
Comment from : Marie Fermano

Vernon Goodwin
Comment from : Vernon Goodwin

roger simpson
that game is a riot lol
Comment from : roger simpson

Awoopa_ Paul
Awesome a birthday party 😊
Thank for posting this 👍

Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

G Money Slot Videos
Your picking was great and this bonus is usullay tons of fun just as I was here great job!
Comment from : G Money Slot Videos

Be Offensive
Lol that was the luckiest unluckiest bonus I've ever seen!
Comment from : Be Offensive

Be Offensive
Hi buddy! I missed you! Ever going to be in buffalo? Would love to play with ya!
Comment from : Be Offensive

This game confused me but who cares, show me the money
Comment from : bartenderzzz

Heather Lee
Wow! Great job my friend! Possibly the best I have seen thus far!
Comment from : Heather Lee

Carmen Fonseca
Awesome picking 👍
Comment from : Carmen Fonseca

Jennifer Goodwin
Wow.  $376.  Looks like you're the life of the party.  This is a fun game, and you can make some money with the right picks -- and a few party savers.  Fun times.
Comment from : Jennifer Goodwin

Adam's Slot Channel
Amazing picking! Congratulations! I wonder if anyone has picked all the poopers with the multiplier bonus and cleared the board?
Comment from : Adam's Slot Channel

Cassanova Slots
Excellent!!! Great choices!!!!!!
Comment from : Cassanova Slots

Absolutely fantastic picking, TYFS!!!
Comment from : AngelaTwinSlots

Sherri Myers
Nice bonus, I really like this game but I'm in Oklahoma and it's not easy to find lol Good Luck!
Comment from : Sherri Myers

Daniel Kisela
That was amazing! Killed off 4 poopers. Best picking I’ve seen on this machine
Comment from : Daniel Kisela

Laura Castro
Haven't played this game in years..

Comment from : Laura Castro

ElvisCorvette Slots
First time I've seen anyone win on this game...good job. You can pick for me anytime. :)
Comment from : ElvisCorvette Slots

Tina Lanning
Great bonus!
Comment from : Tina Lanning

Slot Guy
Went from almost a slap in the face, to complete awesome! Great win!
Comment from : Slot Guy

That was an awesome bonus
Comment from : GABE 1231 SLOTS

Lemus Slot Videos
Wow !
That was some amazing picking 😁 !

Comment from : Lemus Slot Videos

Penny Pincher Slots
This was one of my top five games to play
Comment from : Penny Pincher Slots

Debby S
WOW, those were some great picks. Congrats on a great bonus.
Comment from : Debby S

Robert S
Awesome win!
Comment from : Robert S

Liliana Alvarez
nice video congrats
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

Shelby Sill
Nice job picking! Rarely do i see people do that well on that game.
Comment from : Shelby Sill

Where is Brian I think it's one of his favorite games. now he has a goal to beat on penny version that was amazing keep up the great content
Comment from : heavycod12

Sweet !! Great picking ! Well done !!! Yay !
Comment from : KURI Slot

Thomas Stillwaggon
Great hit I honestly love this game always have. I feel like I do incredibly well even on the forty cent bet if I'm just killing time. Any word on the channel ??
Comment from : Thomas Stillwaggon

Carolyn King
I love this game!! I hate getting the pooper on the first pick!!! Very nice win!!!!
Comment from : Carolyn King

Mybumisitchy again
Nice picking guys
Comment from : Mybumisitchy again

Sunshine Girl
Real fun game...I use to play this but haven't seen it for a long time. Glad you did well. More good luck to you! :)
Comment from : Sunshine Girl

Slot Traveler
awesome picking skills!Fun bonus!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

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